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The Instant Astrologer - Book plus astrology software program by Lyn BirkbeckThe Instant Astrologer
a revolutionary new book and astrology software package for the astrology student and practitioner
by Lyn Birkbeck

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The Instant Astrologer is the most comprehensive astrology package available for astrological seekers everywhere, at a readily affordable price, uniquely including an astrology software program of the kind that generally costs several hundred dollars to use separately. An in-depth analysis is offered for each astrological configuration that an individual chart contains, including the Sign and House positions of the Sun, Moon and Planets, the five major aspects between them, and the Ascendant and Midheaven. In addition to thoroughly interpreting the natal chart, The Instant Astrologer also calculates and interprets Transits (planetary influences through time) for any month or year period, and the Synastry of any two individuals' charts (the chemistry between them).

A 628 page full colour hardback plus a stand alone software package for PC, provides 3 profiles: relationship, personality and timeline. All you need is date of birth, place of birth and birth time. The software is fully indexed to the book to allow you to study the interpretations in more depth.

"Lyn is one of those rare astrologers who combines profound personal information with an accessible style designed to empower his readers to do it for themselves. This ground-breaking combination of software and book will enable people to look deeply into themselves and their relationships with others. Lyn knows the magic that comes from giving people the freedom to follow their own investigations."
                                                          - Richard Beaumont, Kindred Spirit magazine

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628pp; hardback (full colour)
plus Astrology Software CD ROM (PC)
ISBN: 1 903816 49 1

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Lyn Birkbeck began his working life as a musician and record producer and has now been a widely-consulted astrologer for over 20 years. He is the author of the best-selling Do It Yourself Astrology and The Astrological Oracle, which have together sold over 100,000 copies. Lyn Birkbeck lives in the Lake District in the United Kingdom, from where he travels extensively.


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The Instant Astrologer - Lyn Birkbeck -  ISBN: 1 903816 49 1