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Illustrated Elements of Homoeopathy by Ilana Dannheiser and Penny EdwardsIllustrated Elements of Homeopathy
A practical guide to the use of safe and effective remedies
Ilana Dannheiser and Penny Edwards

This practical, clearly illustrated book is an invaluable guide to the effective home use of homeopathic remedies. Written by practising homeopaths, it is a comprehensive introduction to one of the most potent systems of natural healthcare, and includes:

  • The history and development of homeopathy as a complementary medicine

  • A unique visual profile of 50 homeopathic remedies

  • A step-by-step guide to choosing a remedy

  • A comprehensive reference section on the treatment of common complaints and ailments

  • What to expect when visiting a practitioner, with an introduction to homeopathic types

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144pp, w/colour photographs & illustrations throughout
ISBN: 0 00 713601 3; paperback