How to Know Higher Worlds - Rudolf Steiner

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How to Know Higher Worlds - Rudolf SteinerHow to Know Higher Worlds
A Modern Path of Initiation
by Rudolf Steiner

How to Know Higher Worlds by Rudolf Steiner is one of the most fundamental and practical books within the entire range of anthroposophical literature. Though the entire edifice of Anthroposophy was originally the result of one highly developed individual's examinations into the spiritual worlds, it was never intended develop as a movement that is only dependent on this individual. Rudolf Steiner offered a path which develops the faculties for the independent attainment of spiritual knowledge which is directly compatible with the constitution of modern humanity with its faculty for independent examination and its discerning intellect. Strength and integrity within the human soul are essential for reliable knowledge in the physical-sensory realm, and this is even more the case for examination of the spiritual realms where delusion and error are that much more possible.

In How to know Higher Worlds, Steiner has given exercises and meditation techniques which are designed to deepen, strengthen and ultimately open the human soul to an objective reality beyond the physical senses. It is not a quick an easy path as it is a developmental path, but it is one which brings surety and objectivity in its results over time.

Trans: C. Bamford (Written 1904-1905, GA10)
Anthroposophic Press
259pp; paperback
ISBN: 9780880103725

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