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How to Write and Astrological Synthesis - by Terry Dwyer - A Guide for StudentsHow to Write an Astrological Synthesis
A Guide for Students
Terry Dwyer M.A. D.M.S. Astrol

The ability to write an astrological report that is professional, clear and accurate, as well as synthesised into a thematic whole, is an essential skill for the professional astrologer. In How to Write and Astrological Synthesis, Terry Dwyer takes the astrology student systematically through the process from chart analysis through synthesis and then to final presentation.

'I have never come across a single book devoted to synthesis in spite of some mis-titled books which appear to be.' says Dwyer at the start of this volume. He goes on to make clear just what stages are involved in interpreting a birth chart, not just in finding meanings for each planet, etc., but the blending together of all the meanings into a convincing word-portrait of the native.

He sums up the problems as follows:

  • Knowing which chart factors to use

  • Attaching the right degree of importance to each factor

  • Finding the right interpretation for each factor

  • Reconciling contradictions

  • Placing the right degree of emphasis or weighting on different traits

  • Wording the synthesised notes into coherent, stylish and useful sentences

  • Arranging the latter in a logical and meaningful sequence

Step-by-step advice on both analysis and synthesis is given throughout the book, and especial attention is given to the layout and wording of the end result. Dwyer's experiences as an astrology tutor have convinced him that the chief weaknesses of most students are lack of method and poor communication skills. He warns the reader of the various common pitfalls and suggests standards to aim at. This apparently brief book is packed with practical hints and examples.

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98pp; paperback
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The author took up astrology in 1975 at the peak of a career as a musician: composing, conducting, teaching and college lecturing a career which had included a lifelong interest in psychology and counselling. To facilitate his astrology he taught himself computing and, together with Colin Miles, founded the British astrosoftware firm, Astrocalc, soon after he had completed his innovative program Starword in which the computer plays astrologer. He continues to research astrology with his computers and to write programs to help other astrologers in their work. He has also acted as tutor for the Mayo School of Astrology for many years, and taught astrology at summer schools, besides being founder-president of the Leicestershire Astrological Society. He is now an experienced astrologer specialising in personal counselling and business advice.




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