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How to Read Raphaelís Ephemeris
by Jeff Mayo
updated and edited by Peter West

- the book that will put Astrology in your pocket!

As an astrologer you will know that without a good Ephemeris you cannot create a birth chart or complete other essential astrological tasks. However you may not know all of the useful things that the Ephemeris could help you with, and it is almost certain that even experienced astrologers are not always using best practice.

In very simple terms. this book will help you in everything you want to do. It supports Raphael's Ephemeris, the most accurate astrological pocket reference tool you can buy. With them both you can find any planetary position, for any time, wherever you want in the world Ė as well as exact lunar phases, planetary aspects, retrograde movements, and much more Ė for any time throughout the year. Learn to use your Ephemeris properly and you will be able to consult it daily in pursuit of the everyday matters of your life: timing marriage plans, applying for a job, signing an agreement, planning a party - anything you like.

Written by Britainís premier astrological teacher, Jeff Mayo, this book describes in simple laymanís terms, everything you need to know to construct an astrological chart from the ephemeris. The book has recently been updated and includes useful British Summertime information for the UK. Even experienced astrologers will benefit from a read of this compact and authoritative text.

W. Foulsham & Co. Ltd
96pp; paperback
ISBN: 0 572 02587 4



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