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The Healing Herbs of Edward Bach - by Julian and Martine BarnardThe Healing Herbs of Edward Bach
An Illustrated Guide to the Flower Remedies
by Julian & Martine Barnard

The Healing Herbs of Edward Bach by Julian and Martine Barnard is considered by many to be one of the best books on the flower remedies discovered by Dr Edward Bach to appear since his death.

Julian and Martine Barnard are among the world’s leading experts on the remedies. Their immense experience is evident in this edition, which describes and illustrates in superb colour the 38 remedies chosen by Dr Bach as natural healers. In addition there are clear instructions on making the remedies.

Dr Bach found that each flower embodies the positive and harmonising force to counteract a particular negative emotional state. Flower essences prepared by the Bach method, once diluted, can be used therapeutically to conduct that healing force to the user.

The Barnards’ clear and concise text incorporates Bach’s own words on recognising the remedy types.

Full-page pictures of each flower are aligned with quotations from Dr Bach which can be used for meditation and contemplation.

The Healing Herbs of Edward Bach is both a reference and a practical guide for those who wish to help and heal themselves.

Enjoy this celebration of nature’s healing herbs and discover anew the therapeutic powers of the remedies evolved by Dr Edward Bach.

‘The very heart and
soul of Bach flower therapy’ Richard Katz & Patricia Kaminski, F.E.S., California

Ashgrove Publishing
189pp; paperback
ISBN 1 85398 086 2;

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