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Growing up with Bach Flower Remedies - book by Judy HowardGrowing Up With Bach Flower Remedies
A Guide to the Use of The Remedies during Childhood and Adolescence
Judy Howard

Growing Up With Bach Flower Remedies shows how the Bach Flower Remedies system of healing can help babies, children and adolescents during the turbulent years of youth. It takes the reader through all the stages of childhood, including development progress, illness, schooling, behaviour, puberty, examinations and the various milestones when emotional support is needed.

This is a book designed for parents, but it also makes an excellent source of reference for therapists, teachers, nursery nurses, grandparents and guardians - anyone who has an active interest in caring for children of all ages.

C. W. Daniel Company
210pp; paperback
ISBN: 978-0-85207-273-8


The Bach flower remedies are a system of healing for the negative emotions and attitudes which may interfere with health and happiness. They were discovered by an eminent physician, Dr. Edward Bach MB, BS, MRCS, LRCP, DPH, in the 1930's. Having spent many years involved in medical research, Dr. Bach involved himself with homoeopathy, but then gave up his lucrative medical career and Harley Street practice to travel the countryside in order to complete his discovery into the healing benefits of herbs and plants.



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