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The Great Initiates - by Edouard Schure - A Study of the Secret History of ReligionsThe Great Initiates
Edouard Schuré

In The Great Initiates, Edouard Schure encompasses long centuries of human existence and gives an historical account of our greatest search of all―the quest for the spirit. This book describes the motivations behind external history, the growth of religious striving, the rise and fall of cultures, and indicates the relevance of their worldviews and insights for humanity today. It reflects the lives and deeds of human beings of extraordinary stature. In these pages we can witness a spiritual adventure of a depth and intensity rarely experienced by most human beings. The aliveness, freshness, and excitement of discovery, which characterizes The Great Initiates, makes it an enthralling read even after over a century since its original publication.

First published in Paris in 1889, it has gone through 220 new editions, and can still be counted on to make a profound impression on every reader. Amongst other things, it is a protest against what Édouard Schuré called "a false idea of truth and progress" current in his time and in ours as well. It is his constructive answer to "the stagnation, disgust and impotence" resulting from a one-sided view of life, a pernicious evil still at work in human affairs today.
                                                                     - edited
from the Introduction by Paul Allen

Steiner Books
480pp; paperback
ISBN: 0 89345 228 9

Édouard Schuré, a lifelong student of religious and esoteric subjects, is also the author of From Sphinx to Christ.



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