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From Sphinx to Christ - Edouard Schure - An Occult HistoryFrom Sphinx to Christ
An Occult History
Edouard Schuré

From Sphinx to Christ is the engrossing story of the eternal search for knowledge of our origin, evolution, and destiny as spiritual beings. Edouard Schure lucidly and masterfully traces the course of this quest from the primordial wisdom expressed in the Riddle of the Sphinx; through the legends of antediluvian civilizations and the traditions of India, Persia, Babylon, Egypt, and classical Greece; to the pivotal figure of Christ, who renews ancient mysteries and embodies new ones for the continuing development of humanity.

Schuré takes us on a journey of the intellect and spirit that leads from the mighty Himalayas to the plateau of Iran, from the heights of Sinai to the summit of Tabor, from the secret sanctuaries of Egypt to the sacred groves of Eleusis. Along the way, he brilliantly and painstakingly gathers clues to solve the most basic mysteries of human existence. Here is a classic that sheds new light on the ongoing evolution of the physical and spiritual world, and the probable future of the cosmos.

Written with intensity and profound insight, From Sphinx to Christ invites readers to share in the aliveness, freshness, and the excitement of spiritual discovery that first motivated the author. This work stands as a major work by the man Rudolf Steiner considered "one of the best guides for finding the path to the spirit in our day". Steiner went on to say that Schuré's writings "can awaken within every human being a premonition of the solution of the riddles of existence."

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284pp; paperback
ISBN: 0 89345 204 1

Édouard Schuré, a lifelong student of religious and esoteric subjects, is also the author of The Great Initiates.



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