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Four Mystery Dramas - Rudolf SteinerFour Mystery Dramas
The Portal of Initiation
The Soul's Probation
The Guardian of the Threshold
The Soul's Awakening

 by Rudolf Steiner

Rudolf Steiner said of his Four Mystery Dramas that they contain the whole essence of anthroposophy and that if, through some unlikely chance, only these dramas were to survive, the essential content of anthroposophy would nevertheless be preserved.

These mystery dramas are powerful portrayals of the complex processes of reincarnation and karma. In them, we are led to inhabit the living landscape of the human soul and spirit where suprasensory beings work at weaving the destinies of individuals.

Here we find a connection with the spiritual reality of human life itself by following the dramatic interplay of the joy and sorrow, struggle and striving of a group of individuals attempting to apply spiritual knowledge to their practical lives and relationships. To read, watch, or act in these plays is an initiation experience.

Trans: R. & H. Pusch (GA14); 568pp
Steiner Books
ISBN: 978-0-88010-581-1; paperback

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