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Exploring Jupiter
the astrological key to progress, prosperity and potential
by Stephen Arroyo

In Exploring Jupiter, Stephen Arroyo shows how Jupiter, more than any other planet in a birth chart, emphasizes the future: envisioning, planning, improving, taking risks based on faith, and developing one's potential. Jupiter is an important key to growth for everyone, and―as the traditional ruler of both Sagittarius and Pisces―it is especially significant for anyone with those signs prominent in the horoscope.

Jupiter is the most neglected planet in astrology, which is surprising since it is not only the largest planet in the solar system, but also-more than any other planet―indicates where we may dramatically progress and most significantly improve ourselves. Jupiter always urges us to improve and advance―to move beyond current limits toward more prosperous and expansive goals.

Perhaps most neglected is Jupiter's connection with taking chances in life, which is always essential for both material progress and for maximizing one's potential for personal growth and success. This book explores how Jupiter points the way toward:

  • your sense of future direction and purpose

  • how you can develop confidence and self-esteem

  • where you should take a "leap of faith" in order to manifest your greatest potential

  • where you have a special breadth of vision and intuitive perception that can lead to an expanded scope of activity and understanding

CRCS Publications
300pp; paperback
ISBN: 0-916360-58-X

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Stephen Arroyo's books have made him one of the best-selling authors of modern astrology books worldwide. His books are amazingly comprehensive and innovative, revealing astrology's use as a practical language of life. Stephen Arroyo's widely acclaimed work has earned him the British Astrological Association's Astrology Prize, the Fraternity of Canadian Astrologers' International Sun Award, and the United Astrology Conference's Regulus Award. His writings are perhaps most notable for his unique ability to express complex thoughts in clear, simple language that is accessible to beginners and more advanced students alike, and in such a way that readers can apply his insights immediately to their own lives. His books have elicited a tremendously enthusiastic response internationally, and have been translated into nine languages.


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