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Esoteric School - Rudolf Steiner - From the History and Contents of the First Section, 1904 - 1914From the History and Contents of the
First Section of the Esoteric School
1904 1914

Letters, Documents and Lectures
Rudolf Steiner

[Rudolf Steiner] adhered to the rule of absolute truthfulness in that he only taught the things he knew to be true through his own investigation. He followed the rule of continuity by not simply putting something quite new and more perfect in the place of the less perfect, but by linking in every case to an already existing situation and seeking to transform it into something more perfect.
             from the Introduction by Hella Wiesberger

The letters of the first part of this volume record that Steiner was asked for esoteric instruction immediately after his appointment as General Secretary of the German Section of the Esoteric School of Theosophy in 1902. Soon he was appointed Arch-Warden in Germany and the Austrian Empire "with full authority to call meetings of the school, to organize groups and appoint Wardens, and to do all necessary for the welfare of the school."

Having thus preserved continuity (in this case with the theosophical impulse), Rudolf Steiner began his work as an independent esoteric teacher, teaching from his own experience.

This volume includes a variety of documents and letters containing personal esoteric guidance and instructions to his pupils, including specific developmental exercises. Lectures and circulars are also included that allow us to glimpse the birth of the anthroposophical movement out of the theosophical movement of the nineteenth century. There are also teachings concerning the "Masters" and their relationship to the evolution of humanity.

For anyone interested in esotericism particularly the esotericism of Rudolf Steiner this volume must be considered a primary resource.

1904 1914, GA264
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