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The Bach Remedies Workbook - Flower Remedy course by Stefan Ball

The Bach Remedies Workbook
A study course in the Bach Flower remedies
by Stefan Ball

The Bach Remedies Workbook by Stefan Ball is a self-contained course in the selection and use of the Bach Flower Remedies. Written by a consultant at the Dr Edward Bach Centre, the course starts from first principles and in seven progressive sections covers all 38 of the Bach Flower Remedies and the states of mind and emotions that they can be used to help.

Practical exercises, quizzes, games and suggestions for further work help readers gain a comprehensive grasp of Dr Bach's famous system, so that they will be able to help themselves, their friends and their relations to better health and happiness. Although this unique course has been put together with the beginner in mind, the practical nature of the course-work means that it will be equally useful to experienced users and to students preparing to take the Practitioners Courses run by the Dr Edward Bach Foundation.

190pp; paperback
ISBN: 009190652-0

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Stefan Ball has been part of the team at the Dr Edward Bach Centre since 1966 where he is involved in developing and managing the training program and the International Register of Practitioners. His other books include: Bach Flower Remedies for Men, and has co-authored Bach Flower Remedies for Animals, Emotional Healing for Cats, and Emotional Healing for Horses and Ponies.



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