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Bach Flower Remedy Storage Box
from Healing Herbs

A Bach Flower Remedy storage box is essential for organizing and storing your flower remedies.  These handsome and sturdy boxes are specially manufactured for Healing Herbs to contain the full range of 38 Bach flower essences with 2 extra spaces to hold the Healing Herbs Five Flower Remedy (Dr. Bach’s Rescue Remedy).

Bach Flower Remedy Storage Box - 40 x 10ml bottle size

10ml Bottle Size Dimensions:
Width: 216mm; Depth: 143mm; External height: 95mm
Each grid square: 21mm x 21mm (40 squares)
Internal height (maximum bottle height): 88mm

The Bach Flower storage box is entirely made of wood including the internal dividers and comes in a distinguished deep oak stained finish. Each unit comes with a flower essence location guide which can be fixed to the inside of the box lid for easy location of required remedies.

It is available in 2 sizes to accommodate both the 10ml and 30ml ranges of Healing Herbs flower remedies.

The 30ml box is also suitable for the Nelson/Bach Centre 30ml flower remedies.

These boxes are also suitable for holding homoeopathic or other flower remedy bottles.  The 10ml size will easily hold most 4 gram, 7gram, ¼ ounce, 10ml and 8 gram bottle sizes while the 30ml size is suitable for 1 ounce, 30ml or 28gram bottles.  See listed dimensions to ensure it matches your required bottle size.



Bach Flower Remedy Storage Box - 40 x 30ml bottle size

30ml Bottle Size Dimensions:
Width: 320mm; Depth: 209mm; External height: 122mm
Each grid square: 34mm x 34mm (40 squares)
Internal height (maximum bottle height): 115mm

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