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Bach Flower Remedies for Women - Judy Howard
Bach Flower Remedies for Women
Judy Howard

Bach Flower Remedies for Women by Judy Howard describes how the Bach system of prescribing works and its potential benefits for women during the course of their lives. This helpful guide explains how the Bach Remedies can help you cope with period pain, pregnancy, infertility and the menopause. There is supportive advice on overcoming the trials and tribulations experienced by women in society, such as dealing with issues of self-esteem, meeting the demands of families and work, coping with ill health and surviving widowhood. Authoritative yet understanding, Bach Flower Remedies for Women offers essential strategies for any woman seeking emotional equilibrium in today’s busy and demanding world.

Judy Ramsell Howard is a registered nurse, midwife and health visitor who has been a member of the Edward Bach Centre team since 1985. She is a trustee and custodian of the Bach Centre’s heritage. Her other books include The Bach Flower Remedies – Step by Step, and Growing Up with the Bach Flower Remedies.

184pp; illustrated; paperback
ISBN: 009190654-7

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