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Bach Flower Therapy - Mechthild Scheffer - The Complete ApproachBach Flower Therapy
The Complete Approach
by Mechthild Scheffer

Bach Flower Therapy - the Complete Approach by Mechthild Scheffer is a comprehensive book on the Bach Flower Remedies which, as well as describing the 38 remedies, goes into the spiritual and psychological dimensions of the therapy so that both patients and practitioners can gain deeper insight into the underlying patterns of emotional disturbance and their resolution into states of personal well-being.

She includes for each remedy, an in-depth description of the type of personality; key notes for understanding its essential nature; the potential transformation qualities through use of the remedy; supportive measures to aid inner adjustment; and positive, relevant statements for consideration and contemplation.

She also gives advice on what to expect from treatment, dosage preparation, methods of administration, as well as answers questions which are commonly asked, including treatment during pregnancy, treating young children, plants and animals.

Mechthild Scheffer is a practitioner who runs Bach Centres in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Thorsons Publishing
240pp; paperback
ISBN: 0 7225 1121 3

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