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Bach Flower Remedies for Animals - book by Stefan Ball and Judy HowardBach Flower Remedies for Animals

Judy Howard and Stefan Ball

The Bach Flower Remedies offer every owner the opportunity to take care of the psychological health of his or her pet.  An animal that is feeling well in itself is a healthy animal which will recover quickly from illness.

Instant help is at hand for your pet in an acute psychological disorder, change in behaviour, emergencies of all kinds and support in difficult situations.  Precise information is given on preparation, dosage and dispensing.



  • Acknowledgements

  • About this book

  • About the authors

Chapter 1:

The Background

  • Historical attitudes: Animals as machines

  • Dr Bach and his discoveries

  • The humanity of animalsDo animals have souls?

Chapter 2:

Using the Remedies

  • The role for the remedies

  • The 38 remedies

  • Dosage

  • Legal considerations for practitioners

  • Models for the future

  • Getting the vet on your side

Chapter 3:

Reading Animal Behaviour

  • Principles of selection

  • Verbal communication

  • Non-verbal communication

  • Gender differences

  • Breed differences

Chapter 4:

Animals in the Home

  • Household dogs

  • Dog case studies

  • Household cats

  • Cat case studies

  • Other household animals

  • Small animal case studies

  • Treating the owners

Chapter 5:


  • Horse and horse

  • Horse and rider

  • Injury and emergencies

  • From stable to show-ring

  • Horse case histories

Chapter 6:

On the Farm and in the Wild

  • Farm animals

  • Farm case studies

  • Wild animals

  • Wild animal case studies

Chapter 7:

Frequently Asked Questions

Chapter 8:

Going on from Here

  • Learning more about the remedies

  • Learning more about animals

  • Useful addresses - Bach Flower Remedies

  • Other useful addresses



C. W. Daniel Company Ltd.
176pp; illustrated; paperback; 170x245mm
ISBN: 0 85207 296 1



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