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Atlantis - Rudolf Steiner - The Fate of a Lost Land and its Secret KnowledgeAtlantis
The Fate of a Lost Land and its Secret Knowledge
Excerpts of selected lectures by Rudolf Steiner

In this collection of excerpted lectures and writings on the fabled continent of Atlantis, Rudolf Steiner explores through his own examinations of the World Akasha, the developments of prehistoric cultures which bear little resemblance to the impressions we derive from anthropological descriptions for the periods concerned. It is not suggested by Steiner that the fossilized records which anthropology reasons from are not valid; only that they can only show traces of the more physically hardened and spiritually degenerate offshoots of the core streams of humanity, streams which retained a highly plastic and mobile bodily form until around the middle period of the long Atlantean era. Such soft tissues leave nothing for the natural processes of sedimentation and leeching to fossilize.

Equally removed from our expectations and assumptions about such societies, is Steiner's description of their whole experience and way of life as not simply some primitive version of our own. His portrayal of this earlier humanity shows something quite different.

What Steiner describes as the nature of humanity during this important period is one that did not reason or calculate, that could not perceive an external physical environment except dimly, that did not build or use fire, and that could not, until the latter Atlantean period, even say I to itself.

Yet these people experienced a living reality in their environment and operated with powers that the modern sense-bound intellect cannot conceive of.

In these lectures, Steiner guides us through the great ages and the cultures of the Atlantean period, describing their characteristics and their progress in the development of the human form and human consciousness. He describes their developing perceptual and soul faculties and some aspects of their ways of life; the worlds that they experienced in their 'awake' and 'sleep' states; their eventual cultural decline through the abuse of their instinctual powers; the beginnings of the I experience which is so essential to human development; the changes in the geological and meteorological conditions of the world including the catastrophes of flooding and earthquakes which eventually submerged this continent beneath the Atlantic Ocean; and much more.

He describes the migrations from the doomed continent and the special task of the great figure known as the Manu who guided a small core of the fifth Atlantean sub-culture eastward to Central Asia. These were a selection of peoples who demonstrated the faculties which would be essential for the post-Atlantean period of human development. These peoples the Manu taught and cultivated as the seed for the generation of seven consecutive cultures which were to follow the demise of this ancient land.

Trans. rvd C von Arnim
Rudolf Steiner Press
112pp; paperback; 17 x 12 cm
ISBN: 1 85584 079 0

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