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A Study Course in Homoeopathy
By Phyllis Speight

A Study Course in Homoeopathy is a basic structured course to help beginners in homeopathy to learn the basics of homeopathic philosophy and practice.

Some years ago Health Science Press issued a correspondence course in homoeopathy. It proved invaluable to students, providing a sound background of training in homoeopathy. At that time graduating students sought a diploma or certificate, or other recognition of their new qualification. However, it was felt that a diploma could not be awarded as such a document would have no official recognition in either the alternative or orthodox medical world and would, therefore, be of little value to the student.

When the correspondence course was discontinued the remaining stock was sold as a book with the test papers cancelled. This work proved to be exceptionally popular. In view of the guidance that this book offers to the seriously interested student of homoeopathy, the course has been revised by Phyllis Speight. A Study Course in Homoeopathy contains twelve essential lessons and their corresponding test papers. Specimen answers at the end of the book will enable students to compare and evaluate their knowledge.

C. W. Daniel Co. Ltd
145pp; paperback
ISBN 0 85207 250 3

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